Offline payments

Payment methods can be processed offline. This occurs when your Magento Order Management System (OMS) is not responsible for the payment process, and is managed outside of your OMS.

All payment requests will be auto accepted internally without contacting any third party.

The authorization and capture happen in your web store, before the order is created in your OMS. The payment(s) in these orders are considered to be offline. OMS is not responsible for any captures or refunds. Your OMS creates dummy records to ensure that the reporting structure is not affected by this procedure.

When this payment is managed by Magento Commerce (MC), the Connector should be customized to process payments based on events occurring in this order:

  1. The web store may do both the authorization and the capture before passing to the OMS. In this case, refunds may have to be triggered in Magento Commerce in case of cancellations, appeasements, or returns.
  2. It is possible to do only the authorization in the web store. In this case, the OMS messages should be caught by the Connector and should trigger actions, such as creating an invoice and capturing it online in Magento Commerce. This action will send the capture to the payment gateway unless the payment method was set up to authorize and capture at the time of purchase (the payment action setting), in which case submitting an invoice will not result in a capture since it will already be completed.