Live reports

This functionality enables a user to asynchronously request several live reports from your Order Management System (OMS) and provides information about performance and results in your OMS.

Enable role permissions

First, you need to enable this functionality to appear in your OMS Admin view:

  1. Ensure you are assigned the correct permissions to access this configuration and functionality. In your OMS Admin navigate to System > Roles.

    Enable Role permissions

    Enable Roles

  2. Click the applicable role.
  3. Ensure the Reports option is selected.

    Role permissions

    Role permissions

Configure functionality

You can quickly configure your OMS to use this reports functionality via a config option in the System Integrator (SI) Portal.

To enable this functionality:

  1. Navigate to Config > Global Settings > Reports in your SI Portal.
  2. Enable the Asynchronous live reports option.

    Asynchronous live reports

    These definitions are enabled and configured in your System Integrator (SI) Portal, which is not yet accessible externally. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

Once the functionality is enabled and your role has the correct permissions, a user can request to generate a report in the Sales > Reports view in your OMS Admin. This request generates an email that includes a URL to download a .zip file with the desired data.

The data included in the .zip file is in a .csv format. A .zip file can contain several .csv files, which are divided every 1 million lines.

This URL expires 24 hours after the report is generated.

This report is sent to the user’s email. It is recommended to check your spam folder.

Requests are generated real time. The Magento Service Bus rate limiting allows up to 48 requests per day per client. Too many requests in a short period of time will trigger an error message in your OMS admin.

See the Reports user guide topic for more information.