SLA Hours Configuration

The Service-Level Agreement (SLA) hours configuration is the maximum time that an order is declared delayed. This configuration is available in the Configuration Portal (SI Portal).

SLA Hours

These definitions are enabled and configured in your System Integrator (SI) Portal, which is not yet accessible externally. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

Custom Attributes

The SLA hours field is expected to contain the key of a custom attribute at an order level. This custom attribute must contain the date-time of expected delivery. The date-time format of this custom attribute must be:

                "name": "planned_flight_datetime",
                "value": "2018-06-22T05:00:00+00:00"

In this case, the order will be flagged as delayed for the specified time frame defined in the SLA hours.

If there is no custom attribute key at an order level, orders are flagged automatically as pick delayed.

Configure due time

The due time of an order lets your Order Management System (OMS) know when an item or order is available for in-store pickup (ISPU), and then works to trigger communications to the customer to inform them of the time frame for availability.

In order for the system to successfully configure the “due time” for order lines within an ISPU order:

  1. Pass the pick_up_date custom attribute to the Connector through the create message.
  2. Change the SLA field configuration field in Sales Channel > Omnichannel of the the SI Portal to ISPU_picking_sla_base_field.

    These definitions are enabled and configured in your System Integrator (SI) Portal, which is not yet accessible externally. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

    If no information is populated in the SLA field, the default is set to the current date and time.

Due time in the Magento Admin will reflect the ISPU_picking_SLA_field_name plus the ISPU_picking_SLA if the configuration for each attribute exists. When the configuration for ISPU_picking_SLA_field_name does not exist due time will reflect the order timestamp plus the ISPU_picking_SLA time.

An ISPU order is considered delayed if the order has not been picked by X time (if the value of ISPU_picking_SLA_base_field minus ISPU_picking_SLA is less than available time) before the customer is set to collect it. The collection day and time are set at the order level as a custom detail (that can also be customized per customer using the ISPU_picking_SLA_base_field configuration.)

Example of a delayed ISPU order

If the current time is 10:00:08+00:00 on 2017-07-10…

The ISPU_picking_SLA is 90 minutes…

And the ISPU_picking_SLA_base_field (number in minutes that is used to calculate whether the pick list is delayed) minus the pick_up_date equals 11:00:08+00:00 on 2017-07-10…

Then X time (the pick_up_date minus the current time—in this case 60 minutes) is less than the 90 min value of the of the configuration ISPU_picking_SLA, this order is DELAYED.

Hide due time in Magento Admin

In some cases, configuring the SLA fieled as pick_up_date does not make sense for ISPU orders since the picking is done X hours before the collection is already planned to take place.

You can deactivate (prevent from being visible) the SLA field configuration option, which hides the Due Time column in the Magento Admin (which accomplishes the same thing as the delay filter at the order level).

Due Time column in Magento Admin

To deactivate Due Time from showing in the Magento Admin, ask your CSM or TAM to toggle the Hide Due Time Information option in Global settings > Customizations in the SI Portal.

Global settings > Customizations > Hide due time information