You can track and view jobs and messages coming into and out of the Order Management System (OMS), assess all stock events, view the payload for each queue item, see a history of all the events between Magento Commerce and the OMS, and more in System > Events in the OMS Admin.

Events menu in the OMS Admin

Admin menu


The OMS uses several jobs for importing, processing, and exporting orders, the inventory, and catalogs.

Jobs view


Columns of information in the Jobs view include:

Column Description
Time Date and hour
Job Job type, such as importing a new order, exporting stock snapshot messages, etc.
Status Status codes for these jobs are RUNNING, SUCCESS, WARNING, NO_FEED, ERROR
Output See the output of this job and its history (click View)

Stock events

In the Stock Events view, you can view a list of all stock events.

Stock Events view

Stock Events

Columns of information in the Stock events view include:

Column Description
Event creation date Date and hour
Source Source of the event
Type Sale, stock-snapshot, safety-stock-update, or cancel status types
Mode DELTA, FULL, or NONZERO modes

You can also sort the list by any of the visible columns by simply clicking a column header.

Queue viewer

In the Queue Viewer view, you can see all related info to items in the queue and display the payload for each item.

Queue Viewer view

Queue Viewer

Columns of information in the Queue viewer view include:

Column Description
Delivery Tag Number of delivery tag
State State of the queue item, such as processed
Properties retry_limit and retry_delay info
Queue Queue in which the item is within, such as deferred_communications
Payload Payload of queue item (click Display payload to view) including communication and data (subject, from, to, and body) information



You can also sort the list simply clicking the Delivery Tag, State, or Queue column headers.

API Journal

In the API Journal view, you can see all API calls and their related information.

API Journal view

Queue Viewer

Columns of information in the Jobs view include:

Column Description
Received at Time, in date and hour, in which the API call was received
Delivery ID Delivery ID of the call
Method API method of the call
Endpoint Endpoint used in the call
Status Status of the call, such as Successful, Never delivered, or Being delivered
View Click View to see more info, including Delivery Attempts and trigger a Retry (sync) or Queue (async)

View info (upon click)

API Journal View info

You can also sort the list simply clicking the Select dropdown, Received at, Method, Endpoint, and Status column headers.

Application logs and API Journal in the OMS follow a data retention policy:

  • Staging environments—Application logs are retained for seven days and the API Journal is retained for 30 days.
  • Production environments (all regions)—Application logs and the API Journal are retained for 60 days.

Configuration System Sync

The Configuration System Sync view allows you to Synchronize All Scopes.

Configuration System Sync view

Configuration System Sync view

Synchronizing all scopes will delete, update, and create aggregates, sales channels, and sources within the OMS. It is strongly recommended that you export a backup before taking this action.