System Overview

These guides include the following content:

Section Description Link
Events The Events view allows you to track and view jobs and messages coming into and out of the Order Management System (OMS), assess all stock events, view the payload for each queue item, see a history of all the events between Magento Commerce and the OMS, and more. See Events guide
Fulfillment The Fulfillment view allows you to manage and add sources, stock aggregates, and sales channels. See Fulfillment guide
Permissions The Permissions view allows you to enable individual permissions for a role and enable configured roles for users, and more. See Permissions guide
Tools The Tools view allows you to expertly manage your extensions. See Tools guide
Other Settings The Other Settings view allows you to view information for your integrations, like the rate limit, whether it’s enabled, and more. You can also refresh the OMS API registration, and disable or activate integrations. See Other Settings guide