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The Sources configuration tab offers the ability to configure multitudes of source-specific parameters, including specifying the priority of sources, setting the schedule for batched sourcing requests (waves), and determining if pick declined items of a Ship From Store (SFS) order must be resourced, among other options.

Sources configuration tab


To enable (make active and visible) the Categories for configuration, select a scope from the Select scope dropdown.

To make changes to a value or setting, deselect DEFAULT so that you can override the existing default value. To make your new changes the default setting, select UNSET, click Yes in the confirmation dialog that appears, and then click Save Rule.

Integration category

The Integration category allows you to integrate sources for shipment requests and return requests.

Integration category

Field Description
Source integration Add a new source integration, or revise an existing one, and enable or disable SingleShipmentMode for that integration. Enable or disable the Exportable and AddQuantity options for a shipment-request or return-request.

You can also fully configure the requests via options such as Interface, Class, Type, Export_path, AddQuantity, Export_pattern, Export_test_pattern, FeedName, and Post_xsd_schema..

Omnichannel category

The Omnichannel category allows you to configure declined lines of home delivery orders, text to be displayed in the packing slip footer, and much more.

Omnichannel > Home delivery lines declined, Pack slip footer Omnichannel > Ship From Store, Ship from store pick decline

Field Description
Home delivery lines declined Enable or disable the ability to re-source lines declined in the warehouse_management.lines_declined message for a home delivery order.
Pack slip footer Add text that will display in the footer section of the pack slip.
Ship From Store Enable or disable the SFS store fulfillment process for a source, via the Enable SFS Capability For This Source option—if disabled at the source level the visibility of the source will change in some OMS Admin views. Define the Maximum Number of Orders in Pick List, the max number of orders that will be auto-included in the pick list when clicking Generate Pick List with All Orders in Sales > Ship From Store.
Ship from store pick decline Specify whether pick declined items of a SFS order must be re-sourced.

Sourcing category

The Sourcing category allows you to define shipping zones for sources, max orders allocated to a specific source, the wave schedule, and more.

Sourcing > Definition of which shipping zone a source is in, Limit Max Orders Allocated to Source Sourcing > Minimum quantity per SKU accepted, Source priority definition Sourcing > Wave Schedule

Field Description
Definition of which shipping zone a source is within Add, or revise existing, shipping zones for sources.
Limit Max Orders Allocated to Source Enable or disable the ability to limit the number of orders that can be allocated to a source within one day, and set the Threshold Limit to disallow further orders from being allocated that day.
Minimum quantity per SKU accepted Enable, disable, and configure, via Qty, the minimum quantity of accepted items per SKU in a sourcing request.
Source Priority definition Add, or revise the existing, Group Weight to signify that sources with a higher numerical value will have priority during sourcing.
Wave Schedule Specify a schedule/collection of rules for batched sourcing requests, known as “waves”. Add, or revise the existing, Action Wave Times (via Wave Start Time, Timezone, Days of week this is active options).