Access the SI Portal

The System Integrator (SI) Portal is not yet accessible externally. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

There are two SI Portals—one for staging and one for production:

Log in and log out

Log in to either portal with your MyAccount credentials. Your license ID determines what permissions you have, including which options and configuration areas that you can see. When you log in to the portal, you will see all clients specified in your MyAccount shared license.

SI Portal log in

Click Logout in the left options sidebar to log out of the portal.

See Troubleshooting for help with log in or access issues.

Show config options

When you first log in to the portal, no options, tabs, or areas will be active/visible for use. To enable these configuration areas, you must first select a client and an environment.

To get started configuring an OMS instance:

  1. Within the Config tab, select a client from the Select Client dropdown.
  2. Select an applicable environment (populated based on your initial client selection) from the Select Environment dropdown.

    If your environment is named stgeu, for instance, the first 3-4 letters of the environment name signify whether it’s a staging or production environment (stg or prod). The remaining letters of the environment name signify the region in which it’s deployed (such as eu).

    The environment, and therefore the region, are specified by your Technical Account Manager (TAM) team. Your deployment process will also be reliant on your client and environment selections, as specified by TAMs.

  3. Within the configuration tab in which you’d like to see configuration options (Global settings, Sales Channel, Sources, or Stock Aggregates) select a scope from the Select scope dropdown.

    Configuration options for that specified client, environment, and scope will now be active and visible within the configuration tab.

    Follow the same process for each tab in which you want to edit configuration settings.

    Not seeing the clients you think you should be? Can’t get logged in successfully? See Troubleshooting for more info.

Find configuration settings quickly and easily by searching a term in the Search schemas field, which searches content across the available configuration tabs.

The system returns search results for the title/name or description of a given setting (but not the descriptions of individual configuration sections). Content in collapsible sections will not be returned in search results.

To search for a configuration setting across tabs:

  1. Enter a search term, like “source”, in the Search schemas field.
  2. From the Select scope dropdown of a configuration tab, such as Global settings, select the applicable scope.

    Only categories with content related to your search term will show in the Categories section.

  3. Click each visible category item to see the configuration options available within.
  4. Click into another configuration tab and select the applicable scope.

    Once again, categories with content matching your initial search will appear.

    SI Portal log in