A pre-order is any order that contains a new item which has been not released yet and it is still not in stock. It has a street date (StreetDate attribute) in which the item is expected to be in stock.

Pre-orders in the Admin

Admin Menu

This view contains the following information:

  • Option Client SKU
  • Street date
  • Orders placed
  • Items sold
  • Orders cancelled
  • Orders shipped
  • Item authorized
  • Items failed auth
  • Items expired auth
  • Items captured

You can quickly search a pre-order by the date or option client SKU.

Pre-orders view


Modify streetDate

Before modifying the streetDate for an item, ensure that the attribute was included in the item creation process. See Pre-orders for more info.

If, when setting up an order, the streetDate attribute is not defined, you cannot modify it after an order has been placed (and the later addition of streetDate is for informational purposes only). When modifying the streetDate after an order is placed for the item, you cannot inform affected customers, as no mechanism (such as an automatic email to customers) is available.

In order to avoid any ambiguity concerning time zones, StreetDate should be UTC date format. You modify the attribute in the SKU of that item, which changes all pre-orders containing that SKU.

The StreetDate attribute can be modified:

  • In your Order Management System (OMS) Admin.
  • With a magento.sales.preorder_management specification via the change_street_date command (valid if the item was initially created with a streetDate).

See Pre-orders for more information about enabling and configuring pre-orders.

Via the Admin

You can modify the streetDate of an item directly in the OMS Admin.

To revise the streetDate:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Operations > Pre-orders in the Admin.
  2. Click Show filters.
  3. Use the Option client SKU, From date, and To date filters to retrieve the exact Pre-order you desire to change.
  4. Click the Orders placed link for an item to open an orders view for this SKU and street date.
  5. Click Change Street Date. A summary of orders you are changing appears.
  6. Enter a new street date and click Yes.