Backorders are an existing feature that allow you to sell out-of-stock products from the warehouse when you create an order.

You can display the available products for backorders as In Stock, or using a customized message such as Available in ‘X’ days. Backorders are available in the OMS Admin > Sales > Backorders.

Admin menu

Backorders can be planned or unplanned, but in all cases the customer will be informed of the waiting period.

If a backorder item is part of an order with other items, the available items are shipped and only the line in backorder stays on hold until the stock becomes available.

The Backorder view shows the list of all backorders in Admin and it shows the current demand by SKU. This list contains information about:

  • Items demand pending stock
  • Items on backorder that were shipped
  • Items on backorder that were cancelled, by client SKU

See Backorders, in Special Order Types documentation, for more information.

Filter backorders

You can alter this information by clicking the column title and you can quickly search backorders via the Option client SKU filter.

Add a From date and To date to search within a particular timeframe. By default, the results show the last 30 days.

Filter backorders