Reno payment configuration

This page contains the information for a legacy payment configuration which utilizes Reno as an endpoint proxy.

Reno-proxy endpoint

Reno registers itself as a reno-proxy endpoint to receive any payment event sent to this endpoint.

The reno-proxy endpoint details are:

  • ID—reno-proxy
  • Contracts—magento.payments.payments_management
  • Subscribes—
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_validated
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_validation_failed
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_revalidated
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_revalidation_failed
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_captured
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_capture_failed
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_refunded
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_refund_failed
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_cancelled
    • magento.payments.payments_management.notify_cancellation_failed

From a System Integrator (SI) perspective, this means that any payment event dropped by the custom payment integration code to the MIB reno-proxy endpoint delegate URL will be forwarded to RENO by the MIB.

The format of the MIB reno-proxy endpoint delegate URL is:<client_id>/delegate/reno-proxy

See Magento Integration Bus for more information about endpoints.