Price Adjustments

This section explains the Price adjustment functionality, which allows you to update the price for specific items in your order.

Price Adjustment

Price Adjustment Functionality

The Price adjustment functionality allows you to update the price for specific items when you start picking an order in your Order Management System (OMS). This functionality is only available for Ship From Store (SFS) and In Store Pick Up (ISPU) processes. You can also update the line price by making an API call with the adjust line price specification.

The price adjustment functionality modifies the price during picking and before collection. This is only available when the items in your order are price adjustable and can only be modified by a store assistant at the:

  • Catalog level
  • Order level

You can define the threshold of the allowed adjustment in your System integrator Portal (SI Portal). If the threshold limitation is exceeded an error message appears:

Price Error

These definitions are configured in your SI Portal, which is not accessible externally yet. Contact Magento SupportĀ for assistance.

In a SFS process is possible to change the price once picking is done. To change the price, in the Customer Service > Orders section:

  1. Confirm the packing in your OMS.
  2. Confirm that the order is ready to be shipped.
  3. Confirm the reference number.
  4. Confirm the shipping.

You can create appeasements or cancel an order online. When you cancel an item or adjust the price, a refund is automatically generated, available in the Sales > Orders section.

Price adjustment definition

With the price adjustment definition feature you can define the price-related properties that a store assistant can use to adjust items.

  1. It is necessary to enable the functionality in your SI portal:

    Enable Price Adjustment

  2. In this configuration rule you can define:

    Value Description
    Percentage Allowed On Price Increases This integer (10 means 10%) represents the percentage allowed to be increased on the original price. Ensure that your payment provider allows higher captures than the original one.
    Percentage Allowed On Price Decreases This integer (10 means 10%) represent the percentage allowed to be decreased on the original price.
    View History Shows the change history of this configuration rule over time.
    Unset unset Resets the configuration rule to the default value. By default, appears as Root.
  3. Click Save rule once you finished to setup your price adjustment functionality. This will display two new columns within your order line, containing:

    Price adjusted If price can be adjusted.
    Mandatory Review If price needs to be reviewed.

    This gives you the capability to adjust prices on store fulfillment screens (ISPU & SFS).

  4. Your profile must have the correct permissions, you can access your System section and check Roles:

    Omnichannel Management

    Select both options and save.

  5. To update the price of an order item, you must use the price_adjustable field in your product_management.updated message and set it to TRUE:

Example of a updated message

    "product": {
    "id": "1234",
    "type": "magento.catalog.product_type",
    "sku": "xxxx",
    "price_adjustable": "true",
    "name": []

This field can only be updated by making an API call.

The threshold allowed for your price adjustment should be the same as the threshold set originally for your payment gateway. If it is different, your OMS will crash. You can set up this in your Gateway configuration. This configuration is modified by your System Administrator. Contact Magento SupportĀ for assistance.