What's New on OMS Docs

This page contains recent changes that we think you’d like to know about. We exclude from this list proofreading, spelling checks, and all minor updates.

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Description Type Date
Updated code samples on Bundles page to reflect new parent_line_number in place of deprecated parent_line_id. Technical changes February 15
Added information to the Backorders page about aged backorders. Major update February 15
Update Payments page and create new Offline methods page to describe offline payments. Major update February 14
Updated specification in the cancellation flow about lines declined when the order is cancelled. Technical changes February 13
Add new Pending arrival page to the User Guides > Sales section for information on how to view and manage all shipment requests with a “pending arrival” status. New topic February 13
Added more documentation regarding the Pre-orders feature. Major update February 11
Added documentation about Pre-orders feature and reviewed the user guide for pre-orders. Major update February  8
Added a Canceled orders section to the Payment page to explain what happens with payment authorization when an order is canceled. Major update February  8
Added mention to the Permissions page about new users receiving an email to reset their password before they can access the Backoffice admin interface. Technical changes February  8
Reviewed documentation about pre-shipped products in the order flow. Major update February  7
Updated the Release Notes pages to include release notes for the Connector. New topic January 24
Created a new Release Information section to include our brand new Release Notes page showcasing release notes for OMS. New topic January 23
Added information about configuring allocation waves and overwriting rules at the order level, including info about forcing the sourcing decision at the order line level, overwriting bundle rules, and overwriting order splitting rules. Major update January  9


Description Type Date
Added extensive info about Connector bundle configurations to the Connector Integration Architecture page. Major update December 21
Added information about the Hierarchy role and its levels to the Permissions page. Major update December 18
Added details about how to provide custom attributes and behavior using bundle shipping rules. Major update December 18
Added information to the Bundles page about using an option in the attributes to implement sourcing for individual order lines. New topic December 14
Created a new Synchronize Shipping Methods page to enumerate on how to synchronize with your OMS to correctly import orders with new shipping methods. Also updated the Disabled Functionalities section of the OMS Connector page. New topic December 12
Created the Feature list page of the Getting Started section to help merchants/users understand each of the Order Management System (OMS) features. New topic December  3