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This page contains recent changes that we think you’d like to know about. We exclude from this list proofreading, spelling checks, and all minor updates.

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Description Type Date
Added a release calendar table for maintenance releases to the Release Calendar topic and added an Expectations section to the Release Information topic. Major update October  4
Created new Maintenance Calendar topic. Major update October  4
Added three payment statuses to the Payment page. Technical changes October  2
Added information to the Fulfillment page to communicate our new, simpler specifications, for ISPU fulfillment flow. Technical changes October  2
Added a Status validations section to the Fulfillment page. Major update September 11
Created release notes for the MOM-1.237.4 hotfix release and MOM-1.237.5 hotfix release. Major update September 10
Updated the Fulfillment user guide page with new screenshots and new Sync sources and Filter sources sections. Major update September  3
Added information to communicate our new, simpler specifications for the fulfillment flow and added information about non-preferred specs and steps. Major update September  3
Added information to the existing Custom attributes page about standard custom attributes, supported attribute types, and configuration info about enabling the functionality for a user, adding or editing attributes, filtering by attribute, and hiding the custom attribute filter. Major update September  3
Created release notes for the v1.237.2 hotfix. Major update August 30
Created release notes for the OMS v1.237 release. Major update August 27
Reviewed the Magento Integration Bus topic, and updated the retry policies section. Major update August 27
Added information to the Sourcing logic section of the existing Order details topic, and added a Scoring section with information about scoring for sourcing orders. Created a link back to the Order details topic from the Sourcing engine topic. Major update August 21
Add new configuration documentation for the System Integrator (SI) Portal. Major update August 13
Published a set of User Guide documentation for the System Integrator (SI) Portal. New topic August 12
Updated type to product_type and replaced the SIMPLE product type with PHYSICAL in the code samples in the Bundles topic. Technical changes August  6
Added a Release Calendar topic to the Release Notes section, and to Release Information on the hometopic, to communicate upcoming OMS releases. New topic August  5
Added information to the SI portal disclaimers Major update August  2
Added a new Browser Support topic to communicate which browsers OMS supports. New topic July 29
Added new content for the recently released payment exceptions feature, including a process guide, a user guide, an integration guide, and more. New topic July 19
Added a topic about the order approval touchpoint. Major update July 11
Added use cases for gift cards within the OMS/Connector, and improved the Gift Card topic. Major update July  9
Added information about the allowed max lines in the OMS to the Orders topic and added info about error messages to the Events topic. Major update June 28
Added hotfix for issue with payment events in MOM-1.234.4. Major update June 14
Created hotfix release notes for MOM-1.234.3 Major update June 13
Added information to Sales Channels and Inventory topics about setting up a generic safety stock threshold per source node that will be used when calculating stock available to sell, and setting up a generic safety stock threshold at the aggregate level so available stock will deduct the buffer. Major update June  5
Added release notes for MOM-1.234 and Connector 3.1.1. Major update June  5
Added hotfix release notes for MOM-1.233.1. Major update May 23
Added hotfix release notes for MOM-1.232.5. Major update May 10
Updated ISPU topic with new images and changed the size of the menu image. Major update May 10
Published release notes for OMS v1.233. Major update May  7
Added information about the sourcing history for an order. Major update April 29
Added a Print hold document section to the Pack section of the In-store Pickup topic, and clarified instructions for printing the document and including it in a packed order for ISPU. Major update April 17
Updated the Backorders topic to include information about using the stock snapshot to validate stock for agedBackorders. Major update April 16
In the Payments topic, removed the section for Ingenico payments and added a link to an external url for more information. Major update April 12
Improved the in-store pickup flow diagram by adding a new section about customer decline collection. Major update April 12
Created a Configure RMAS section in the Pre-authorised returns topic. Major update April 11
Published release notes for the OMS v1.232. Major update April  9
Added a Configure sources section to the Inventory topic to communicate how to add or update source nodes and pickup locations in the OMS Backoffice and via the API. Major update April  4
Added a new topic about Services in the order or the order line, and added cross reference from the existing Catalog topic. Major update April  3
Added a Sales channels topic to Features and Processes with information about how to create and edit sales channels. New topic April  1
Added a new section to the Sourcing engine topic about configuring the email sent to store assistants notifying them of orders that are ready to be fulfilled. Major update March 28
Created new topic about the different options you can find in the Order topic details in the OMS. Major update March 28
Added a Configure stock aggregates section to the Inventory topic. Major update March 28
Added information about pickup locations to the In-store pickup topic about validating pickup locations (PULs). Major update March 25
Created documentation for the Remorse time functionality. Major update March 21
Created documentation about the Promise delivery date functionality, and updated the Sourcing engine topic. Major update March 21
Added a section explaining how the sourcing engine sources orders with a defined pickup location but no available stock. Major update March 21
Published release notes for the OMS v1.231. Major update March 20
Published release notes for the Connector v3.1.0. Major update March 20
Added details to the documentation about native bundle, gift card, and gift wrap options. Major update March 18
Created a new Connector Feature List to detail features, specifics, and availability of the Connector. New topic March 18
Created a “Configure due time” and “Hide due time in Magento Admin” sections for the SLA Hours Configuration topic. Major update March 14
Updated Permissions topic to include documentation about advanced user roles and permissions. Major update March 12
Updated the section about modifying a shipping address or shipping method for an order. For more information, see the Shipping address or method section. Major update March  7
Added info about permissions to the Exceptions & Sourcing Queue topic. Major update March  5
Added section about the multi-capture functionality in the Magento Order Management System. Major update March  4
Updated the Connector topic with information about the product update trigger, updated the existing bundle image to reflect new UI changes (and to avoid confusion with bundle line price), and removed reference to the inapplicable 2018 roadmap. Major update February 22
Updated the OMS Release Notes topic for v1.230. Major update February 19
Updated code samples on Bundles topic to reflect new parent_line_number in place of deprecated parent_line_id. Technical changes February 15
Added information to the Backorders topic about aged backorders. Major update February 15
Update Payments topic and create new Offline methods topic to describe offline payments. Major update February 14
Updated specification in the cancellation flow about lines declined when the order is cancelled. Technical changes February 13
Add new Pending arrival topic to the User Guides > Sales section for information on how to view and manage all shipment requests with a “pending arrival” status. New topic February 13
Added more documentation regarding the Pre-orders feature. Major update February 11
Added documentation about Pre-orders feature and reviewed the user guide for pre-orders. Major update February  8
Added a Canceled orders section to the Payment topic to explain what happens with payment authorization when an order is canceled. Major update February  8
Added mention to the Permissions topic about new users receiving an email to reset their password before they can access the Backoffice admin interface. Technical changes February  8
Reviewed documentation about pre-shipped products in the order flow. Major update February  7
Updated the Release Notes topics to include release notes for the Connector. New topic January 24
Created a new Release Information section to include our brand new Release Notes topic showcasing release notes for OMS. New topic January 23
Added information about configuring allocation waves and overwriting rules at the order level, including info about forcing the sourcing decision at the order line level, overwriting bundle rules, and overwriting order splitting rules. Major update January  9


Description Type Date
Added extensive info about Connector bundle configurations to the Connector Integration Architecture topic. Major update December 21
Added information about the Hierarchy role and its levels to the Permissions topic. Major update December 18
Added details about how to provide custom attributes and behavior using bundle shipping rules. Major update December 18
Added information to the Bundles topic about using an option in the attributes to implement sourcing for individual order lines. New topic December 14
Created a new Synchronize Shipping Methods topic to enumerate on how to synchronize with your OMS to correctly import orders with new shipping methods. Also updated the Disabled Functionalities section of the OMS Connector topic. New topic December 12
Created the Feature list topic of the Getting Started section to help merchants/users understand each of the Order Management System (OMS) features. New topic December  3