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The Sources view shows sources, which reflect the stock locations at warehouses and physical stores, that are available.

Each of the sources display the following information:

  • External ID
  • Name
  • Type
  • Pick UP Location
  • Allocation time (08:00am allocation, 12:00pm allocation, and 15:00pm evening allocation)

The allocation time is configurable and can be selected according to the needs of each of the sources. If a source do not have any time selected then the source automatically becomes inactive.

Sources view

Sources View

You can accomplish several actions within the Sources view.

Sources options

Other options included in this view are:

  • Download CSV—Download a template to be used to upload bulk sources.

    Download CSV

  • Upload CSV—Modify the list of sources by attaching the CSV template file that contains the standard information for each source.

    Upload CSV

  • Add source—Fill out applicable information to add a source:
    • Source—Name, external ID, type, max. orders per day, parent source, and ability to indicate pickup locations
    • Safety stock—Prevent overselling of inventory
    • Contact details—First nam, last name, email, and phone number
    • Address details—Address, city, state, ZIP, country, latitude, and longitude

      Create Sources

  • Save—Save your changes.

    See the Inventory page for more information about adding and configuring sources.

Stock aggregates and sales channels

The Stock aggregates and Sales channels view shows a summary of all stock aggregates and sales channels (channel from which to source orders) available.

A stock aggregate reflects the website structure and will provide the aggregated stock to be sold on a specific website. Each stock aggregate can have one or multiple sources associated.

Stock aggregates and sales channels

Stock Aggregates and Sales Channels

You can modify this view by adding new stock aggregates and sales channels via the available options.

Create new options

For more information on creating and configuring sales channels see the Sales channels page.

For more information on creating and configuring stock aggregates see the Inventory page.

ISPU configurations

This In Store Pick Up Configurations view allows you to configure the Pick Decline and Customer Decline Reasons that will be utilized during the In Store Pickup process:

  • Pick decline reasons—product damaged, could not find, etc.
  • Customer decline reasons—product recall, damaged, quality issues, wrong product(s), wrong size, etc.

    ISPU configurations

    ISPU Configurations