An order, in your Order Management System (OMS), is a request for products. On this page you will find information about an order, as well as the different actions you can perform for an order in your OMS.

Find your orders section in Sales > Orders in your OMS.

Admin Menu

In the Orders section the Order view is divided into two main areas, a search filter and an order list.


The Order view shows the list of all orders and contains the following information:

  • Order ID
  • Store
  • Items
  • Language
  • Date
  • Customer
  • Status
  • Status reason
  • Pick list

There is a link in the Pick list field that gives you all the details from that specific order, such as general information, billing and shipping address, item details, history, and payments information. Additionally, you can complete other actions, like canceling an order or creating a return.

You can quickly search orders using filters:

  • Order ID
  • Customer name
  • Customer email
  • Order Created dates: “From date” and “To Date”.
  • Order status: new, approved, received, on hold, logistics in progress, logistics complete, complete, error, rejected, incomplete, aborted or all.
    If you have in store pick up orders, the status are: ready to start picking, pick in progress, pick confirmed and pick declined.
  • Order Item Status: new, received by logistics, ready for shipment, shipped, etc.
  • Payment method: credit card, paypal, open invoice, real time banking, points, pay on collection or all payment methods.
  • Shipping method: standard method, express method, in store pick up method or all shipping methods.
  • Order Line type: unspecified or backorders.
  • Order type: all orders, real orders, test orders.
  • Item Stock Status: soft allocated, hard allocated, unallocated or any.
  • Appeasement status: requested, pending release, released, cancelled or any.
  • Return status: requested, approved, cancelled or any.

See theOrder details page to learn more about orders.

Order actions and post sales actions are explained in the Customer Service User guide.