Visual display of the most important information consolidated on a single screen so it can be monitored at a glance: quick search, last activity and summaries.
There are three different sections: operational dashboard, in store pick up dashboard and ship from store dashboard.

Admin menu

Admin menu

Operation Dashboard

It is the homepage where you can quickly search an order by order ID, customer name or customer email.

On the other hand, it contains an overview of the activity of your online business:

  • Last orders
  • Last returns
  • Last Appeasements

Additionally, there is a summary of Ship From Store (SFS) orders pending to be picked and another summary of In Store Pick UP (ISPU) pending to be picked.

Dashboard view

Dashboard view

In Store Pick Up Dashboard

It contains a summary of pick delayed orders. Consult the In Store Pick Up (ISPU) User guide for more information.

Ship from Store Dashboard

When you go to this view, a list of all the stores will be displayed. The information shown in the store list is the following:

  • Number of new orders (pending to be picked)
  • Pick List in progress
  • Pick List packed
  • Pick List Complete

Consult the Ship from Store (SFS) User guide for more information.