OMS User Guides

This User Guides section of the Order Management System (OMS) documentation provides guides to assist you in using the Magento OMS Admin.

The OMS User Guides contain the following content areas:

Section Description Link
Dashboard Visual display of the most important information consolidated on a single screen so it can be monitored at a glance: quick search, last activity and summaries. See Dashboard user guides
Sales Operations that users can initiate from the admin panel and Live Reports. See Sales user guides
Products The Catalog and Inventory management let users to and track items and stock movements. See Catalog user guide
See Inventory user guide
Customer Service Section where all customer service agents and supervisors will be working.
They will have access to the different functionalities such as creating returns or appeasements which is given through the “Permissions” tab.
See Customer Service user guides
System Frequently Asked Questions related to Magento OMS User Guides. See System user guides