Release notes for OMS

These release notes document numerous functional fixes and enhancements of the Order Management System.

Release notes include:

  • New features
  • Fixes and improvements


February 19, 2019

  • Support bundles with multiple quantities—We now support bundles with multiple quantities via the parent_line_number field in the order create message, which allows you to provide definition of the parent/child relationship. The parent_line_id field is now deprecated.

  • Promotional info added to shipment request message—Line level promotional information was added to the magento.logistics.warehouse_management.request_shipment message.

  • Configure order attributes visibility in Sales grids—You can now configure which custom order attributes are visible on some Sales grids in Backoffice (Sales, Customer service, and ISPU). The newly configured customer order attribute columns will be saved in your user profile, and are visible when you log back in.

  • Generate a payment ingestion failure message—A message will be generated each time a payment event fails to be ingested by the OMS, and will provide helpful information for troubleshooting the integration or other issues, via the magento.common.error_management specification.

  • agedBackorders sourced at same time—Now, instead of submitting orders in the sourcing wave every X hours when stock is received in the warehouse/source, the stock snapshot is used to validate which of the agedBackorders received stock. Then the agedBackorders be re-queued for the next allocation wave (same day).

  • Information is searchable by sales channel—You can search for information per sales channel with the optional (for search fields and response) sales_channel_id in the command.

  • Custom attributes and promise delivery date added to sourcing request—Custom attributes prefixed with mom_srcrr_ and the promise delivery date have been added to the sourcing request, so that you can overwrite specific sourcing rules via custom attributes provided in the order and source orders by promise date.

  • Access to manual order actions—New comprehensive user and roles functionality now provides the ability to perform manual actions for an order.


January 23, 2019

  • Overwrite bundle sourcing rule—You can now overwrite the bundle sourcing rule at the order level using a custom attribute.

  • Define order-specific sourcing override rules—You can now overwrite the generic order configuration to treat single-shipment orders as split orders if stock is available in different sources, but should not be partially sourced due to stock availability or rule limitations.