Release notes for OMS hotfixes

These release notes document hotfixes of the Order Management System and are published on an as-needed basis.

Each section below represents a specific, versioned Order Management System (OMS) hotfix release, and the noted date reflects when the release notes were published.

Release notes include:

  • Improvements
  • Known issues


Release date—June 14, 2019


Release date—June 13, 2019

  • Print packing slip from OMS—You can now generate a packing slip label and print it directly from the Ship from Store page.


Release date—May 22, 2019

  • Use export mapping mode configuration for force-reindex messages—We implemented functionality to change the export mode based on the import to allow the export to use the mapping configuration when a force re-index command is sent from the OMS Admin.

  • source_stock_added messages processing time—In relation to the source engine scheduler, the source_stock_added message takes hours to be processed due to the saveFlag method that is used to save the ready_to_source flag for the order. We have disabled this configuration to ensure backorders stuck in the queue for more than 30 days are not resourced (because they are not flagged as “ready to source” if stock is added).


Release date—May 10, 2019

  • Issue when searching orders by custom attributes—When searching using the custom attribute dropdown with predefined options, results show all similar custom attributes. This hotfix allows to use ENUM custom attributes dropdown to list results with an exact match to the selected custom attribute. For free text search, shows all orders with similar results.