Release notes for Connector

These release notes document numerous functional fixes and enhancements of the Connector. Release notes are published in conjunction with the release to production.

Each section below represents a specific, versioned Connector release, and the noted date reflects when the release notes were published.

Release notes include:

  • New features
  • Improvements
  • Known issues

The following release notes are relevant for the version of the Connector that is compatible with Magento 2.2.x. If you are running version 2.3+ use the Connector version compatible with Magento 2.3.x.

See the changelog for each version of the Connector for more info:.


June 27, 2019

  • Increased timeout for registration/other messages—We increased the timeout for sending messages to the OMS from 5 seconds to 1 minute.

  • New WARNING log status message—A new WARNING log status message was added to the message log page to indicate that the API was processed successfully (but can also be used to require a check that indicates that the message content was correct).

  • Incoming messages only imported asynchronously—Incoming messages are only imported asynchronously, and are not manually configurable.

  • Load bundled product with admin capabilities—We made improvements to allow you to load bundled products with admin CSV import product capability.

  • Fixed price bundles successfully exported—Now, bundles with fixed prices are exported correctly and without error in the Order Management System (OMS).

  • Update frequency of push messages via UI—This fix allows you to modify the frequency of the cron job that performs the hourly push for synchronizing Magento Commerce (MC) and the OMS.

  • Catalog inventory FULL mode updates absent catalog items correctly—The magento.inventory.aggregate_stock_management.updated message, in FULL mode, no longer sets all absent catalog items as “0”. Use NONZERO mode to initialize the previous behavior.

  • Align statuses in order grid and order detail page—The OMS statuses in the order data grid and order detail page are aligned and show the same status information.

  • Order cancellations for MC 2.2.0 installations—Now, you can complete order cancellations for MC 2.2.0 installations.

  • Export orders after initial order export failure—We resolved the issue that after the first order export failure you are not able to export any other orders. You can now continue exporting orders even after a failure.

  • Errant HTML formatting removed from order details page—The “Purchased from”, “Billing Address”, and “Shipping Address” fields in the Magento Digital Commerce (MDC) order details page will no longer permit HTML tags, which errantly render in the UI.

  • Re-enabled capability to resend tracking emails—You can re-send tracking emails via the Send tracking information button from the Shipping and Invoice pages. This option was previously disabled.

  • Display message log title in message history page—In the message log page, we have added the ability to view the message title related to each of the log entries.

  • Modules save only attributes to be modified—Modules only save the attribute they intend to modify, using EntityAbstract::saveAttribute instead of orderRepository->save, so that other data does not accidentally get overwritten.


April 4, 2019

  • Removed proxy subclass—The SingleMessageProcessor previously requested a proxy subclass for handlers. This behavior has been deprecated. You must explicitly define proxy subclasses in your di.xml file when registering your own handlers.

  • Order processing after deleting products in Magento Commerce—The OMS now successfully processes orders if products in an order have been deleted in Magento Commerce.

  • Improved unserialized process in the service bus—This fix improves the unserialized process for synchronous messages.

  • Shipments with Connector v2.2.0 are created—Merchants with the v2.2.0 Connector can continue to synchronize shipments based on the customer_shipment_done message.

  • Order creation with gift card support—You can now sucessfuloy create orders with a gift cards in v3.1.0.


March 19, 2019

  • Added mapper for Adyen payment gateway—We added a mapper to map the gateway_id, account, and transaction_id fields to support Adyen payment gateway processing via the OMS.

  • Added incremental retry policy for orders not loaded—When an order created in Magento Commerce cannot be loaded in the OMS, the message will now be retried for a maximum of 48 hours, after which the message will no longer be retried and the order grid will display a FAILED status in the Order loaded in OMS column.

  • Bundling support—We added support for bundling.

  • Gift card support—We added support for gift cards as a promotional discount/store credit option.

  • Stop retries for duplicated order IDs—When a new order cannot be created in the OMS due to a duplicated order ID the message will not be retried, and the order grid will display a FAILED status in the Order loaded in OMS column.

  • Updated Connector configuration—The StoreID configuration was changed to the Sales Channel ID and the deprecated “Transport - Driver” configuration was removed.


February 4, 2019

  • MCOM Connector compatibility with v2.3 without MSI—Now you can install Magento v2.3 with the latest version of the Connector. By default, an upgrade from v2.2 to v2.3 will maintain the disabled MSI module, but a new v2.3 installation requires you to manually turn off MSI.

January 24, 2019

  • Support all shipping methods—OMS now supports any Magento-configured shipping methods by creating catalog entries.

  • VAT country configuration no longer needed—OMS re-uses the VAT country information previously configured in Sales > Tax > Default Country, instead of requiring additional VAT country configuration (in Stores > Configuration > MCOM Connector).

  • Transitional state LOGISTICSCOMPLETE(COMPLETEDSHIP) not shown in Order Detail page—Now, when OMS sends a magento.sales.order_management.updated message with a status of LOGISTICSCOMPLETE and a status reason of COMPLETEDSHIP, it will be ignored in the Message Log page in MDC and in the comment section of the Order Detail page, to prevent any confusion about this transitional state.

  • Product quantity field in MDC Admin are sortable—Now you can sort the quantity column of the product grid in the MDC Admin to see all products with high stock or zero stock quickly and efficiently.