Release Information

This page includes all the information you need to stay updated about new features, fixes, and improvements for the Order Management System (OMS) and the Connector.


Our releases are deployed to various environments in sequential order before we deploy them to production. We run acceptance tests in each environment before promoting a release to the next environment.

Each release has a different rollback plan, dependant on the nature of the changes included in the release.

When the OMS is not available, no orders are processed, the orders remain queued, and the Connector is not impacted. Once the system is available again, the queued orders will be processed.

See Release Calendar to view proposed dates for upcoming releases.

Release notes

The following release notes show detailed information about changes to both the OMS itself and the Connector.


See the Release Notes - OMS page for detailed release-specific notes for the Order Management System.


See the Release Notes - Connector page for detailed release-specific notes for the OMS Connector.

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