Request packing slip integration

Customization of the packing slip

By default, Magento Order Management generates an HTML packing slip that can be customized with specific logo, header and footer. Another option is to use the request packing slip message to integrate with an external application that will generate the packing slip. This packing slip can use any format that is supported by the browser.

The request packing slip message will send the information about the package about to be sent and expects an URL as a result. The URL is a link to the document that has been generated. It will be opened and printed on the user’s browser.

It may be used to generated a single packing slip or a batch of packing slips (the user may print all the packing slips from the pick list at once).

How to integrate

To integrate with packing slip generation, you have to subscribe your packing slip generation service URL to the service bus method:


With your own serviceId, this id will be configured in the configuration portal to allow a specific client to use it. This configuration is available in Omnichannel > Packing slip generation.

Note: this configuration is available in the configuration portal, which is not accessible externally yet. Please contact Magento to change this configuration.


  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "magento.service_bus.remote.register",
  "params" : {
  "subscribes":      ["magento.logistics.pick_list_management.request_packing_slip"]

For more information about how to subscribe to message bus see magento integration bus guide.

Once subscribed, your service url “” will receive requests from service bus and will response following the request_packing_slip specification defined in the specification.