Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How many order lines can the Order Management System (OMS) manage?

  • The OMS has a recommended limit of 200 lines per order.
  • Each order line corresponds with an item line.

You can change this limitation of 200 lines per order in the configuration.

Because the SI Portal is not available yet externally, your Customer Service Manager (CSM) or Technical Account Manager (TAM) must change this configuration for you. Contact your assigned CSM or TAM for assistance.

Where can I see error messages?

There are two ways to see error messages:

  1. Within the OMS admin pages, from the menu system System > Message Log you will see all messages consumed and published with a label that indicates the level of error. By clicking on the link, more information will be displayed about the error, and the original message can be edited and resend manually.

  2. All 500 and 400 error types (for both sync and async messages) will publish a message with the topic magento.common.error_management.created. The message contains in the header the following information that can be used to filter the “type of errors”:

Field Example
x-error {“exception”:”Entity \u0027Bcn\Model\Sales\Entity\Order\u0027 with externalId \u002710000006023\u0027 not found”,”code”:null}
x-error-code 400
x-error-topic magento.sales.order_management.get_notifications

The payload of the error message contains the topic of the original message that generated the error, the message being the description of the error message and the payload being the original payload that caused the error.