Payment exceptions

This feature is for Early Adopter Program (EAP) users only, which is not yet accessible for the general public. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

The Order Management System (OMS) allows merchants to manage payment exceptions for a specified payment method or provider, including:

  • Payments not yet captured
  • Appeasements
  • Refunds
  • Uncleared authorizations
  • Pre-orders that require re-authorization
  • Void authorizations

Payment exceptions in the OMS Admin

Payment exceptions table

The Payment exceptions section in your OMS Admin lists payment exceptions by event type, total amount, issued amount, payment method or payment ID, and more. You can directly resolve payment exceptions in the OMS Admin here.

To access the Payment exceptions section you must have the appropriate permissions. Contact Magento Support for assistance.

See the Payment exceptions user guide for more info.