Order Status


The purpose of this page is to have a document with the statuses in the OMS and available reasons codes for each status.

  • Order Item Status
  • Order Status
  • Shipment Status
  • Request Status
  • Item Payment Status
  • Postsale Status
  • Refund Status

Order Item Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
NEW New INITIALORDER (Part of initial order)
ALLOCATEDSHIP Allocated Shipment SHIPMENTCREATED (Shipment created)
RECEIVEDBYLOGISTICS Received by Logistics OSREPORTREC (For more information, see the inventory section)
SHIPPED Shipped - SHIPREQUESTCREATED (ShipRequest created)
- OSREPORT (Reported shipped in OS feed)
ITEM_PENDING_PICKING Pending to pickup -
PICKREADY Ready to pickup -
PICKCONFIRMED Pick confirmed -
PICKDECLINED Pick declined -
RESOURCED Resourced -
CANCELLED Cancelled - ASSOCIATEDITEMCANCELLED (Associated Item Cancelled)
- OUTOFSTOCK (Out of stock)
- Rejected partial shipment
- NOTHINGTOSHIP (Nothing to ship)
- CUSTOMERREQ (Customer Request)
- EEREQ (EE Request)
- CANCELLEDBYPAYMENTANDRISK (Cancelled by Payment and Risk)
- CARDEXPIRED (Card Expired)

Order Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
NEW New NEWFRONTEND (New order from front end)
RECEIVED Received IMPORTED (Imported)
REJECTED Rejected - ANALYSTDEFFRAUD (Analyst detected fraud)
- ANALYSTPOSFRAUD (Analyst detected possible fraud)
- PAYMENT_AUTH_FAIL (Payment authorization failed)
ABORTED Aborted TEST (Aborted test order)
ONHOLD On Hold - PENDING_REMORSE_TIME (Pending remorse time)
- PENDING_CAPTURE_REPLY (Pending reply from settlement(capture) request)
- PENDING_RISKASSESSMENT_REPLY (Pending reply from risk assessment)
- PENDING_VALIDATE_PAYMENT_REPLY (Pending validate payment Replay)
- CAPTURE_PENDING_CONTINUE_FLOW (Capture event processed, pending to continue the order flow)
- PENDING_VALIDATE_AUTH (Pending validate authorization)
ERROR Error - IMPORTFAIL (Import failed)
- LOGISTICSFAIL (Logistics failed)
- PAYMENTFAIL (Payment error)
- INVALID_AUTH_STATUS (Invalid auth. status provided in NOI feed)
- VALIDATE_AUTH_FAIL (Validate authorization failed)
- MAX_AUTH_RETRY_ACHIEVED (Maximum authorization retries achieved)
- CAPTUREFAILURE (Payment Capture Failed)
LOGISTICS Logistics in progress - READYTOSHIP (Ready to ship)
- PENDING_FIRST_SHIPMENT (Pending First shipment)
COMPLETE Complete - FULLYSHIPPED (Order completed, fully shipped)
- FULLYCANCELLED (Order completed, fully cancelled)
- PARTIALLYSHIPPED (Order completed, partially shipped)
LOGISTICSCOMPLETE Logistics Complete - FULLYCANCELLED (Fully cancelled)
- FULLYSHIPPED (Fully shipped)
- PARTIALLYSHIPPED (Partially shipped)
APPROVED Approved - SYSAPPROVED (System approved order)
- ANALYSTAPPROVED (Analyst approved order)

Shipment Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
NEW New NEW (Ready to ship)
PICKING Picking PICKING (Picking)
PACKED Packed PACKED (Pending Collection)
CANCELLED Cancelled CANCELLED (Cancelled)
SHIPPED Shipped SHIPPED (Shipped)

Shipment Request Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
NEW New NEW (New)
PICKING Picking PICKING (Picking)
PACKED Packed - PACKED (Packed)
- COLLECTING (Collecting)
SHIPPED Shipped - SHIPPED (Shipped)
- PARTIALLYCOMPLETE (Partially Complete)
CANCELLED Cancelled - CANCELLED (Cancelled)
- ALLITEMSCANCELLED (All Items Cancelled)
- ALLITEMSDECLINED (All Items Declined)

Item Payment Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
PENDING_CAPTURE_REQUEST Pending Capture Request -
AUTHORISED Authorised -
CANCELLED Cancelled -
AUTH_EXPIRED Authorization -
CAPTURE_REQUESTED Capture Requested -
CANCEL_REQUESTED Cancel Requested -
CANCEL_CONFIRMATION_FAILURE Cancel Confirmation Failure -
PENDING_CANCEL_REQUEST Pending Cancel Request -
AUTH_FAILURE Authorization Failure -

Postsale Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
APPROVED Approved - AGENTAPPROVED (Approved by an agent)
- AUTOAPPROVED (Approved automatically)
- LOST (Return lost)
- RECEIVED (Received)
- BORETURN (Returned in Backoffice)
REQUESTED Requested - LOGIREQUEST (Request received at logistics)
- CSRREQUEST (Request from customer support)
CANCELLED Cancelled - CSRREQUEST (Request from customer support)

Refund Statuses

Status Code Status Name Reason Code (Reason Name)
CANCELLED Cancelled BOCANCEL (Cancelled in Backoffice)
PENDINGRELEASE Pending Release - RELEASEFAIL (Release failed)
- PENDING_REFUND_CONFIRMATION (Pending Payment Gateway Confirmation)
RELEASED Released - RELEASEDOFFLINE (Release Offline)
- RELEAESESUCCESS (Release Success)
REQUESTED Requested REQUESTED (Requested)