Shipping address or method

This functionality allows a store associate to change the shipping addresses or shipping methods for a shipping group in the Order Management System (OMS). The shipping group could partially, or fully, impact the order either because one group needs a different shipping address, and another shipping groups has to use a different shipping method.

You can change either the shipping address or method for the different items of your order. If the System Integrator (SI) wants to modify the shipping address or shipping method, when the order is already in the logistics stage, you must cancel the shipment request beforehand.

You can modify the shipping address or method in the SI Portal or via a magento.sales.order_management.create_shipping_line specification. For more information, see the Integration section.

It is possible to have multiple shipping addresses or methods per order. An order with several shipping addresses or methods is split into several shipment requests (at least one per address or method).


To enable this functionality:

  1. Activate the Update Shipping Address option in your SI Portal in Config > Sales Channel > PostSales > Order modification.

  2. In your User & Permissions view, enable or disable this functionality for a certain role, per the rights for that role.

    Roles & Permissions

  3. In your Order view, click Actions > Change Shipping Address to change the shipping address or the shipping method.

    Shipping Address

This functionality was previously configured by your SI and can be enabled in your SI Portal, which is not accessible externally yet. Please contact Magento to change this configuration.


There are some restrictions to this functionality, depending on the order type. A store associate can create a new shipping group and associate order lines to this new group. They can also select an existing address and associate it with an existing shipping group. All the addresses associated with the order must be currently available for selection, including in-store pickup (ISPU) addresses.

Home Delivery or Ship from Store processes

For Home delivery (HD) or Ship from Store (SFS) processes you can change the shipping address information during the order flow cycle until any of the order lines, as part of the shipment request, are sent to the logistics provider. If you want to add a UI restriction, search by using the service specification, magento.logistics.shipment_request_repository, in a shipment request.

This functionality is not applicable for ISPU processes.


To modify a shipping address or method use the following specifications, such as the update_shipping_address message.

Example of an update message.

    “jsonrpc” : “2.0",
    “method”: “magento.sales.order_management.update_shipping_address”,
    “params”: {
 “shipping_address_modification”: {
   “sales_channel_id”: “ST1",
   “order_id”: xxxxx,
       “line_number”: “5",
   “user”: “string”,
   “new_shipping_address”: {
     “reference”: “1234”,
     “first_name”: “string”,
     “last_name”: “string”,
     “company_name”: “string”,
     “address1": “string”,
     “address2": “string”,
     “city”: “string”,
     “state”: “string”,
     “zip”: “55678”,
     “country_code”: “string”,
     “phone”: “string”,
     “email”: “string”,
     “latitude”: “”,
     “longitude”: “”,
     “custom_attributes”: [
         “name”: “string”,
         “value”: “string”

Example of a change line message.

    “jsonrpc”: “2.0",
    “method”: “magento.sales.order_management.update_shipping_line”,
    “params”: {
    “shipping_line_modification” : {
            “id”: “000000257",
            “store”: “ST1",
            “line_number” : “1",
            “new_shipping_line” : “3"

Example of a create line message.

   “shipping_line_creation”: {
       “sales_channel_id”: “ST1”,
       “order_id”: “14”,
       “user”: “jcuerdo”,
       “line_numbers”: [
       “shipping_method”: “STANDARD”,
       “shipping_address”: {
           “first_name”: “Manolita”,
           “last_name”: “costelo”,
           “company_name”: “”,
           “address1": “6146 Honey Bluff Parkway”,
           “address2": “”,
           “city”: “Calder”,
           “state”: “MI”,
           “zip”: “49628-7978”,
           “country_code”: “US”,
           “phone”: “5552293326”,
           “email”: “”,
           “custom_attributes”: []

When the action is performed successfully, our system will generate an event that could be consumed by any integration, with the name shipping_address_updated and exactly the same content as the previous one.

As this request is a synchronous one, if a failure occurs you will see a response message listing the reason of the non-expected behavior.

Example of a failed change via integration

    "error": {
        "message":"Feature with name \u0027updateShippingAddress\u0027, is not enabled.",