Extensions Management


This section explains the Extensions Management function, which allows you to execute customized actions and processes in your Order Management System (OMS).

Extensions Management Functionality

Find the Extensions Management functionality in the System section of your OMS.

Extensions Management

This functionality allows you to execute customized actions in your OMS, in the Extensions Management Dashboard.

Dashboard Extensions Management

Find the Available Extensions and Execution Log of the Extension Definitions that your System Integrator (SI) configured previously in this dashboard.

These definitions are previously configured by your SI, and can be enabled in your Configuration Portal, which is not accessible externally yet. Please contact Magento to change this configuration.

Available extensions

In this tab you can see a list of all available extensions for your OMS. Click View more to access the details of the extension. Then, you can see the instructions to run the extension and, if applicable, the list of parameters you need to add in order to identify and execute the extension.

Be aware that fields with required are mandatory and you must fill them in.

Once all fields are completed, click Execute Extension to launch it.

Execution log

In the Execution Log tab you can find the history and details of every Extension Definition that you launched:

Execution Log

In this view you can find several values:

Value Description
Extension Name Name of the Extension Definition.
Executed by User who launched the Extension.
Execution ID Unique ID for that execution.
Execution Start Date Date when the execution was launched.
Elapsed Time Time elapsed since the execution started.
Status Status in which you can find each extension launched.
Execution Log History of that execution. Click View Details to seee a detailed log of that execution.

You can filter the results of this dashboard by using the Show filters on top of this view.

Extensions Management Definition

You can find the Extensions Management Definition in the Configuration Portal:

Extensions Management Definition

There are two sections in this definition:

Value Description
Enabled Enables the functionality in your OMS.
List of Extensions Shows the list of the available extensions.

Enable the Extensions Management Definition

In order to use this functionality there are two requirements:

  • It is necessary to enable the functionality in your Configuration Portal:

    Enable Extensions Management

    Click save rule when you finished configuring your Extensions Management rule. A confirmation message appears.

In this configuration rule you can see other values like:

Value Description
View History Shows the change history of this configuration rule over time.
Unset unset Resets the configuration rule to the default value.

This configuration is available through the configuration portal, which is not accessible externally yet. Please contact Magento to change this configuration.

  • Make sure that your profile has the correct permissions, you can access your SYSTEM section and check Roles:

    Enable Roles

    Here you can set the different functionalities a role has access to. For this case, make sure that the checkbox Extensions in Internal Tools is selected.

List of Available Extensions

As mentioned earlier, besides the possibility to enable the functionality in your OMS, you can see a list of the available extensions that the System Integrator can create for this functionality. You have an extension value by default, which can be filled in and it is ready to use. In case you would like to add other extensions values, first deselect the default checkbox, and click add a new value. Whenever you would like to remove a value, click trash.

Each Item (or Extension Definition), has several mandatory values which you have to fill in:

Value Description
Name Name of the Extension Definition.
Title Title of the Extension Definition.
Integration Name Name of the Integration to be registered in the system.
Description A description of the Extension Definition.
Instructions Instructions of the Extension Definition.
List of Parameters An unlimited number of required input information.

The fields for these values should be strings, and they have a limitation in the characters allowed in their descriptions. For example, the value Description has a limitation of 350 characters.

If you want to use the List of Parameters value, you need to fill some required fields, like the key name of the parameter, or the type where you can you select the type of input:

  • shortstring
  • longstring
  • arrayofshortstring

This value has the same characteristics as the root Extensions Management definition, where you can add more items, or remove them if necessary. You can enable/disable them when a parameter is required.

When you finish setting up the different Extensions Management Definitions, click save rule.