Re-sourcing flow


The purpose of this document is to explain the options and flows for orders that can be re-sourced (meaning that the allocated source is not able to complete the fulfillment, therefore the system wil have to find another option to re-source such order rather then cancelling it).

Re-sourcing for Home Delivery orders

Re-source SFS orders not picked Configurable rule to re-source orders already sourced to a physical store (warehouses and DC are not re-sourceable) which have not been picked yet. IMPORTANT: the type of the source needs to be STORE in order to allow for re-sourcing. If the configuration is enabled it allows to define:

  • If allOption is selected the order can be re-sourced to the same source in case stock is still available and the source continues to be the best option
  • discardPreviousSource will maintain track of all the sources that got hard allocated but didn’t initiate the pick and will filter them out in the next wave The logic is applied 30min before the wave is scheduled, so all orders that are flagged as re-source (and the shipment-request cancelled) are enqueued for the scheduled wave. NOTE: this rule apply both to sourcing in mode direct or batch and will always be triggered before the configured wave even if the default sourcing is defined in mode direct.

An additional configuration allows to specify the minimum time that the order should have been hard allocated to the store before getting re-sourced (ReSourceNotPickedforXhours).

Orders pick declined are resourced rather than cancelled All home delivery orders pick declined from a source are automatically resourced (no configuration needed for this behaviour). By default they can be resourced to any source with available stock. If the source that pick-declined the order should be excluded from the following sourcing attempts the config UseDifferentSourceForPickDeclinedItems should be enabled. IMPORTANT: In store pick up orders pick declined are not re-sourced but cancelled.

Re-sourcing for In Store Pickup orders

Re-sourcing for ISPU when Ship to Store is disabled Configurable rule to allow ISPU orders that are pickdeclined to remain in the Exception queue rather than being cancelled, so that a customer service agant can decide to manually sourced it to a different source with stock available and inform the customer of the new pickup point, or to cancel them manually.

Re-sourcing for ISPU when Ship to Store is enabled When the Ship to Store flow is enabled the ISPU orders that are pickdeclined will be re-sourced right after the pickdecline. The sorcerer will search for all sources enabled to ship stock to another source and define the best option based on the standard configured sourcing rules.