Fulfillment Processes


The purpose of this document is to provide more details on the fulfillment process.

Fuilfillment Flows

Next, we explain three types of fulfillment flows and we detail for each one the messages used in the process. The logistic specifications describe the fields and format used by the various logistics related messages supported by the system.

The technical details (format and fields) for the message specifications can be found in the Specifications Section.

Ship to Address from DC

Ship to Address from DC

  1. Module: magento.logistics.warehouse_management, Command: request_shipment

  2. Module: magento.logistics.shipment_request_management, Command: lines_change_status with the status RECEIVEDBYLOGISTICS

  3. Module: magento.logistics.warehouse_management, Event: lines_shipped

  4. Module: magento.logistics.fulfillment_management Event: customer_shipment_done

  5. Module: magento.sales.order_management Event: updated

Ship to Address from Store (SFS)

Ship to Address from Store

  1. Module: magento.logistics.carrier_management, Query: request_shipping_details - See Carrier Integration for SFS
  2. Module: magento.logistics.fulfillment_management, Event: customer_shipment_done

  3. Module: magento.sales.order_management, Event: updated

In store pick up (ISPU)

In store pick up

  1. Module: magento.logistics.fulfillment_management, Event: customer_shipment_done

  2. Module: magento.sales.order_management, Event: updated

Please, go to the section “User Guides” where you will find how SFS and ISPU are displayed in Admin.